General Information

Requires a High Power Rifle; shot at ACADEMI in Moyock, NC. Competitions include National Match Course (200, 300 & 600 yd / three position), Long Range (1000 yd), Sniper (300 & 600 yd) and Garand (200 yd) Matches all shot under NRA and CMP rules.

If interested in participating in any of the NCRR-sponsored rifle matches, please send an email with the following information:

Full name including full middle name, country of citizenship, date of birth, address. home email address, and telephone number (preferably cell).  This information is required in order for you to gain access to the Academi Training Center, located in Moyock, NC.

A home email address is also preferable to a work email address in case a match cancellation has to be mass-emailed after working hours.

Registration for each match must be submitted by email no later than the Monday evening of the week the match is held.

2020 Match Schedule

Apr 11 Range 19 High Power Rifle match
May 23 Range 19 High Power Rifle match
Jun 13 Range 19 Vintage Sniper/Long Range
Jun 22 Range 19 High Power Rifle match
Jul 25 Range 19 High Power Rifle match
Aug 1 Range 19 Long Range 1000 yard match
Aug 22 Range 19 High Power Rifle match
Sep 26 Range 19 High Power Rifle match
Oct 24 Range 19 Excellence in Competition High Power Match
Nov 14 Range 19 Garand Match / awards

Ranges and dates are subject to change base on range availability at Academi.
For details on each match please see the 2020 Match Bulletin.

Chair: Bob Ryan