Pistol Instruction

NCRR is a private club with a strong community service orientation.  It is the club’s goal to expose people to the joys of shooting and instill in them safe gun handling skills and attitudes.


NCRR offers these classes, taught by volunteer certified NRA instructors, at a significant reduction in price compared to private businesses. We do this as a community service. The courses meet the same qualifications as others. To be a NRA we must follow the same curriculum as other classes. Our interest is to make our community and sport safer through affordable education for everyone.


NCRR offers two pistol classes:

         First Steps Class: A four hour class for new shooters

         Basic Class: An eight hour class for beginning shooters




Click here to learn more about the First Steps Class

Click here to learn more about the Basic Class

***Please note it is the desire of the club to encourage students to obtain as much training as they can.  To facilitate this, we are offering special pricing.  The First Steps class is $40 for non-members.  The Basic class is $100 for non-members.  If a person takes the Basic Class within 6 months of taking the First Steps class with us, the price is reduced to $60.  So the price would be $100 for both training classes if a person took them within 6 months of each other!!!

We encourage you to compare our class with anyone else’s and we think you will agree that you get a much value and we think a better education. If you have any questions about the class or our curriculum, you can call or email Scott Sampson at 757-618-1525 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it