Ladies Night

Ladies Night is an opportunity for our women members and their friends; member’s spouses, girlfriends, mothers, sisters and daughters to gather, socialize, and learn all about the shooting sports. Learning how to properly handle a firearm and to be safe at all times is paramount. When attending our event, you will have opportunity to find out just how much fun shooting is.

As a guest of one of our members, it doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced shooter, you will be most welcomed.

While most of the shooting events are limited to .22 caliber, other events allow any pistol caliber up to .45 ACP. You are welcome to bring your own firearm, but if you don’t own a .22 when we shoot .22s, our club will provide one for you to use at no charge.

NCRR runs events in the following disciplines: Trap Shotgun, Bullseye, IDPA, .22 Rimfire Rifle and Pistol, Dixie Wheel Gunners (revolver event), and Archery. Over the course of the year, you may have opportunity to experience each of these disciplines and may discover a favorite!

At times, we have guest speakers to present various topics on safety and awareness.