Dixie Wheel Gunners

The Dixie Wheel Gunners & Basic IDPA matches are geared toward the novice and intermediate shooter.  All courses of fire are “revolver friendly”; semi-auto shooters are certainly welcome but will be down-loaded to 6-round magazines.

Shooters are required to draw from a holster and extra magazines and/or speed-loaders are required.
Dixie Wheel Gunners’ events make the transition to Friday’s IDPA events “a little easier.”

IDPA rules apply (see www.IDPA.com).
Entry fees: $5 for members; $10 for non-members.
Events: 3rd Wednesday of each month, but check the NCRR calendar.
Set-up begins at 3PM
Last shooter sign-in at 7:30PM.

Chair: Allan Barker