VIR Match Information

Virginia Indoor Regional (VIR) IDPA Championship

Registration is open!

This match is unique in that it is a 10 stage match held entirely indoors. The VIR is the equivalent of a day/night match with 5 stages in some light and 5 stages with no light! A hand-held flashlight is required. This is an IDPA sanctioned match and all IDPA rules will apply. No handgun or magazine mounted lights or lasers will be permitted. A concealment garment is required.

No jacketed hollow-point, steel core, or Wolf brand ammunition allowed.

This year, squading will be accomplished in 3-hour time slots, with eight person squads. Slot/squad confirmation will be by e-mail only.

Shooters must arrive 45 minutes before their chosen time slot! Shooters who are not present for the safety briefing 30 minutes before their scheduled shooting time will NOT be allowed to shoot and will forfeit their entry fee and any door prizes.

Round count: ~160

Match fee: $115 (includes match t-shirt)

Online registration is available by clicking on this link.